About Us

WE ARE PROUD TO BRING SatPy and present it to you

At SatPy, we’re excited to welcome “Cube Satellite” unmatched heritage of trusted performance. Starting today, the men and women of SatPy stand ready to support our mission to explore space and earth (land-air-sea), everywhere… every time.  

SatPy a deep heritage as aerospace pioneers, as over the past 5 years, the company has helped to build the first Greek Satellite and other projects. The company share a passion for innovation, a commitment to supporting our aim to explore&create, and an unwavering dedication to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

SatPy is managed by professionals in many areas of expertise, where the trusted performance and innovative portfolio combined with Satellite advanced technology and engineering capabilities enables us to address the most complex challenges today while shaping tomorrow’s future.

Harry Koulouris (CEO) has many years of experience in satellite projects and computers. He already worked for Satellite’s that were in orbit or they will be placed in orbit. He has made research in Astrodynamics and Navigation, Cubesats&Satellite Computers, space Physics and Orbital Mechanics.